I’m drowning

Slowly losing consciousness

The blue of the water surrounds me

Bubbles fly to the yellow top

The colors around me, fade

I’m drowning


It’s not like you ever tried to stay.

You broke our promise.

It seems like I care too much then.

I loved you.

“What is it like to be an artist?”

Being an artist is no easy job, with some stress y’know.

We got our daily lives, maybe a job or school, and our responsibilities, such as chores, groceries, etc.

We also get hardships from our art as well, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, an expert, or advanced.

Always getting customers in and out of our offices.

Some are loyal, others aren’t.

Some come and go.

Most of us start making money, the rest of us find it as a hobby.

Doesn’t matter what type of artist you are, it’s a comfort to be one.


You, the one with the black hair and the skater style.

You, the one who always wore checkered blue Vans and white shirts.

You, the one with the Dragon Ball obsession.

You, the one who played the guitar.

You, the one who used to cuss in Spanish.

You wanted me,

you got me,

then lost me.

You, the one with the massive ego.

You, the one who thought of only himself.

You, the one with a jellybean for a brain.

You, the one who didn’t treat me right.

You, the one with the mindset of a child.

You, the one who played around.


Sofia Ortiz

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